Scion Hollywood Drive

Client: Scion by Toyota
Agency: Spinifex
Role: Art Direction, UI Design, Concept Development, Motion Design

To truly embrace Scion’s “Weird, Right?” campaign and highlight their new iA and iM models at the 2015 LA Auto show, Spinifex created an interactive engagement we called “Hollywood Drive.” Inspired by the classic Hollywood technique of filming actors inside a car in front of a screen (not to mention ridiculous send-ups in movies like Airplane! and the Naked Gun), we used modern technology to allow guests to pretend that they’re driving the iA and iM in some truly “weird” environments and customize the messaging on the screen behind them.

As Art Director for the project, I sourced and selected the video clips, created assets for full-scale testing, designed the app used by the product specialists to customize the experience, and did some additional motion work finessing and reanimating a few of the transitions that weren’t quite working after working with a compositor.

On the night of install, we discovered some issues we hadn’t taken into account, but we adjusted as much as possible and definitely learned a lot in the process. It was great to see guests having fun in the vehicles during the week of the show, and the crazy videos were definitely a big draw in themselves!