Full Speed at Cisco GSX

Client: Cisco
Agency: Spinifex
Role: UX Design, UI Design, Concept Development, Motion Design, Art Direction, Onsite Installation & Support

Each year, Cisco gathers their top salespeople from around the world in Las Vegas for what they call GSX, the Global Sales Experience. This year, the theme of GSX was “Full Speed” and Spinifex was tasked with creating fun and exciting engagements for attendees that capture that theme. Our two main engagements were the Laser Maze and the Full Speed Machine Smoke Cannons.

In the case of the Laser Maze, I was primarily involved in the concept development phase and the project was born out of an initial idea of mine to create a teamwork-based escape room-type puzzle experience. In the end, attendees (either individually or in teams) would answer quiz questions based on Cisco sales, and the results of the quiz would impact the difficulty of a laser maze room that attendees would try to race through as quickly as possible without hitting lasers.

For the Full Speed Machine, however, I was the lead designer and Art Director for the project. In this experience, attendees would approach the cannons, scan their conference badges, and see their name appear. Next they would take their picture and choose a full speed-related phrase to commit to. Then the user could aim the smoke cannon at a large screen, see a smoke ring shoot out at a large screen above the convention floor and see an animation with their picture, chosen statement, and home region (also pulled from their badge data). I worked on the initial UX, designed the interface, and even did much of the final motion design and animation work. The only exception was the 3D work for the globe and regions which was completed by a very talented fellow Spinifex-er Hando Kim.

In the end, both engagements were massive successes for GSX and had enthusiastic attendees waiting in lines to take part, embracing the Full Speed mantra.