Comic-con COMA Experience

Client: A&E Networks
Agency: BLT Communications
Role: Print Design, Concept Development

In anticipation of the Ridley Scott & Tony Scott-produced miniseries COMA, A&E leased a large space outside of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic Con 2012. A&E then came to BLT and essentially asked, “How can we use this space?”

Working closely with A&E and a production vendor, the BLT Marketing team developed an experience that put visitors into the world of COMA, specifically the eerie and mysterious setting of the film, The Jefferson Institute. Outside, roaming “patients” warned guests to stay away and not trust the doctors, until quickly being ushered away by the doctors themselves. Inside, guest could walk through the “Institute,” view some of the disturbing actions being taken by doctors inside, get a 3D COMA scar tattoo, and use a green screen to place themselves in the poster for the miniseries.

My role on the project was helping to brainstorm what the experience would actually consist of, and then I went on to create the visual language and design all of the wayfinding and signage within the experience. I also adapted the COMA Key Art (created by the theatrical department at BLT) to the various dimensions and executions.